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  • How do I get my order shipped?
    If you are unable to pick up your purchase at the store, you can ask us to ship it to you. To do this, we need your address either from the members page or by email. We will determine the shipping cost and send you a Paypal Invoice. When you pay for the shipping the purchase will be mailed, normally within two business/week days. If you wish to have the purchase shipped outside of Ontario, shipping must include tracking. We appologize for the additional cost to have tracking but we encounter too many lost packages in the past to the point of selling out of province took money out of our bank account.
  • Do you buy books?
    No. We do accept books that we need and give you a credit on your account. When you purchase books, you can use your credit balance to reduce the purchase by 50%. For example, if you bring in 20 old books, you receive $20 in credit and if you purchase $36 in books, you can use $18 of your credit and pay $18 leaving $2 in credit on account. In addition, if you bring in new books that we need (printed within the last three years), you receive twice as much credit.
  • I purchased a product online but you told me it was out of stock. What happened?
    We operate a brick and mortar store. We have limited stock. If a customer purchased the item in the store before we could process your order, then we will let you know it is out of stock and we will refund the price of the product. We strive to fulfill evey order within one day but our inventory is very dynamic.
  • What are your shipping costs?
    Pick up at store is free. Shipping costs are not part of the order because the cost to ship varies. We will package your order using the standard Canada Post packaging for Canadian orders. We will charge you for the actual cost of packaging and shipping. To estimate your cost please use the Canada Post tool. Our postal code is L1G4W6. Comics are 28cm by 24cm by .3cm and weigh 120g. Books are 20cm by 11cm by 3cm and weigh 200 to 300g. Toys can be almost any dimension and weight. Trading card packages are small and light but in quantity can weigh a lot. But if you know what you purchased, you should be able to guestimate the packaging size and weight.
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